Piper Armstrong-Miron

Piper Armstrong-Miron


The reluctant indoor cat:

Her home was warm but she preferred nature, she came to me a tiny 10 week old kitten. Her fur was as black as midnight. I named her after my favorite Witch on the WB Show “Charmed”. I needed a companion when I lived in my first apartment and man did we take shelter in knowing we were all we had. She was in her cat carrier up and down 95 for visits with my family and friends often until we moved in with my Mommom in 2000. My Mommom and her took time to get to know each other as Mommom wasn’t a “cat person”. This is where freedom in nature became very important to Piper. She would cry “MOWMMOWM” to get outside calling at Mommom to let her out. She would bring birds, mice, anything she could as a prize for us. I would watch her like a black jaguar hunt her pray it was sad to see her carry me a bunny one day, I told her “no…. she is a tiny bunny” she opened her mouth and sure enough that bunny got away unharmed. She would lay for hours in the sun as her beautiful black fur glistened in the sunlight. Later finding out that she was having kittens I bought her a box to have her babies in and I told her “you all will be safe in here, please have your babies in here no closets, no basement, no kitchen please just have them inside this box” I’d carry her and put her in it every night before and I would pray with her to be a good kitty to have her babies in here. The day came when my Mommom called me at work “she’s having her babies, get home now” I rushed home and saw her have two and helped her birth three more. We bonded and I was so happy she chose the tall Rubbermaid container with a pillow and blankets to have her babies in. I told her she was such a “good kitty for listening to mommy”. I moved into my second apartment where we were on the bottom floor she was very upset that the outside days were limited, but still she sat in the window and loved her home. My roommate and best friend moved out and my future husband moved in. This is where Julie age 4 and Piper became best of friends. We later took in Peyton another short haired cat and had my daughter Bella and moved to the home we are in now where I had my son Ben. As you can see our Piper was my first baby so saying goodbye to her is very hard. I gave her a talk on Sunday night just like when she was about to have her babies “you’ve had a good run sweetheart, you can go to sleep now I can’t stand to see you in pain” sure enough she passed in her sleep January 7th. Our girls will cherish their memories with her as we say goodbye to a lifelong pet I couldn’t have asked for a better cat. I hope she is with us during this time and I hope she gets to see her Mommom again. Our beloved Piper the reluctant indoor cat.



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