Roxy Montella

Roxy was an unbelievable dog in so many ways, she brought more happiness to our family then can be described in words. She most certainly was not a typical dog. From the time she was a small puppy, she never once caused even a small problem. Never had an accident in the house, never chewed anything up, and never got out of the yard. Roxy didn’t have much interest in playing with toys or even chasing a ball around, what she enjoyed most was just hanging extra close to the people she loved dearly, waiting for a treat. Roxy’s favorite snack by far were Cheerio’s. She was 50lbs but in her mind she was a lap dog and every chance she got she made that known. Not only could Roxy make you smile with her huge underbite that stuck out but also many people found comfort in Roxy’s calmness and her ability to love with all that she had. Roxy helped countless people thru rough patches in their life. Thank you Roxy for the 10 wonderful years you gave us.