Ruthie DiPaolo

Obituary of Ruthie DiPaolo

We got her from a rescue group for her breed when she was about 4 years back in Houston where we lived at the time. From day one she demanded our love and any toys and all the treats. We gave her whatever she wanted. She loved to sun bathe in the backyard before coming back into the air conditioning.  She enjoyed having us all to herself until her brother, Chef, came into our lives.  He made her exercise and the vet said he has extended her life.  Last year we all moved to Pennsylvania and she got to experience her first winter. She didn't like it but wouldn't let Chef know that.  Being white, like many animals that are breeded to be white, she was deaf and so never got hear us call her name or tell her we loved her. So we gave her extra kisses and rubs and treats. We miss her but hope now she is no longer in pain and can hear and sun bathe for as long as she wants.