Nosey Parker

Obituary of Nosey Parker

Ode To A Westie

W  for White as he should be

E   for Eagerness all must see

S   for Sight keen the quarry to spy

T   for Terrier spirit and never say die


H   for the Happiness they always bring

I   for Inquisitive--doing their own thing

G   for Good measure in such a small frame

H   for Hi there, how about a game?

L   for their Laughter and love in their hearts

A   for Amenable right from the start

N   for Not minding if Mum should look stern

D   for Delight upon her return


W  for Welcome, so warm ans so nice

H   for Hunting and catching those mice

I    for Intelligence--more than most

T   for Top Dog--no idle boast

E  for Evermore Westies--our toast!