Ox Gantz
Ox Gantz
Ox Gantz
Ox Gantz
Ox Gantz

Obituary of Ox Gantz

~The Love Between Two Beings~


You loved me without words

You hugged me without arms

You were there without it having to be earned

As long as by the end of the day I returned

You waited for me behind the door

Always happy to see me

As if I was someone you’d always adore

A bit of attention is all you ever asked for

And I’d gladly give you my affection

We had such a strong connection

And having you by my side

Always gave me a sense of protection

In you I could always confide

Lying next to me is how you replied

My hands petting your fur

In our own little bubble we were

Your cuddles were always the best

But now you reached a state of eternal rest

Not having you around anymore

Will definitely leave a scar

And I don’t know where you are

But I will forever love you from afar

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