Elsa Cenci

Obituary of Elsa Cenci

Our Beautiful Elsa,


You were the light that brightened up our world. At a mere 7 lbs and 8 weeks old we adopted you as the “relaxed one” of the litter. Little did we know that you were horribly sick, leading you to have to fight a serious bout of pneumonia and kennel cough. Once recovered, though, your true personality shined through. 


You never met a person or animal that you didn’t love. Your showering of kisses were on another level, regardless of whether you were kissing a human, dog, or even your cat. Your zoomies in the yard were something special and to never be forgotten. You chasing your best friend around grabbing playfully and easily at her chicken leg always made us laugh. You loved treats and your food and always knew you had to lay down to get either. No dog bed or couch stood a chance around you, and the yard had never seen more holes. Sharing our bed with you always got a laugh when we would wake up and you would have half the bed. We will always miss your greetings at your makeshift window at the gate and your constant talking back to us when you didn’t want to do something. You were truly a best friend to all and helped us and your dog siblings get through so many hard times over the last year and five months!


We love you Queen Elsa.  You were taken from us way to soon and way too young, but your energy and personality was just so special that you needed to be called up early! Run around with Kasey and Max at the bridge baby girl. We will all meet you there one day, our little Shepsky! Forever our heart and our best friend!



Mom, Dad, Your Big Sister, Precious, Irene, Daisy, Doodle, and Tito

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