Cisco Goldberg

Obituary of Cisco Goldberg


Sunrise November 10, 2002

Sunset May 31, 2018


Cisco or “Buddy” as he was called, age 15, of Glen Mills, PA peacefully passed away Thursday, May 31, 2018. Born in Kennett Square on November 10, 2002, all he desired was a great home that he could be the top dog of and protect.

Cisco was predeceased by his sisters, Emmy and Ashley. He wanted nothing more than having full reign of the house, going on road trips sitting in the driver’s seat, and being close to his girls.  He loved looking out the window in the office on top of his favorite chair (in his younger years), his food, checking bags that were brought in the house, and being in bed with you. Cisco was extremely loyal to his family and constantly there for them. He was the absolute best companion anyone could have and would follow you from room to room, his favorites being the office, kitchen, and bedroom.  He always kept an eye on you and wanted to know where you were at all times. Cisco was an intelligent and determined Yorkie.  He was not shy when he wanted something and spoke to you in his own way with a whining that would slowly transition to a bark. In the evening he would snuggle extremely close to you in bed and be in the same position throughout the night. He was very independent and did things his own way. Cisco did not care the type of attention he would get (good or bad), he just wanted to make sure it was given to him and that his presence was known. He was excellent in making sure you kept the same daily schedule, even though it had to be his routine. Cisco was a thinker and extremely patient in everything he did. He was a sturdy dog that remained healthy and strong to the very end.

He will be missed more than words can express. The endless memories of Cisco will never be forgotten and will remain alive in our hearts for eternity. He is now back with his girls, once again as the leader of his pack.


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