Charlie Albacete
Charlie Albacete
Charlie Albacete
Charlie Albacete
Charlie Albacete

Obituary of Charlie Albacete

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Charlie crossed the rainbow bridge on April 26th, at home and in the arms of his loved ones. He was taking in the sounds of birdsong in our backyard, which always helped him feel relaxed and at peace.

Charlie was rescued in N. Carolina. He was brought up to Philadelphia in June 2014 and that's when our lives with Charlie began. He has helped through the most difficult times by providing unconditional lovies and laughter.

Charlie was a misunderstood pup as he'd gone through so much prior to living with us. We had to learn to trust each other and ever since, he had been our shadow around the house. We nicknamed him "Thuds" because of the "thud, thud, thud" sounds his heavy footsteps would make as he jumped off the couch and followed us around.

He was our protector. He loved to snuggle with us when we sleep. He was a ladies dog and he knew it. Charlie was one of the most unique looking dogs you will ever see. He turns heads whenever and wherever we walk around the city; he gets "cat-called" by many admirers.

Charlie loved to play tag with the beach waves. He loved to dig wallows to lay in, and roll around in the sand. He was an ultimate beach pup. He also enjoyed hiking trails that went up over hills and onto overlooks so that he could oversee the world below him. He loved resting his chin on the car hammock, looking straight down the front of the car to see where his next destination would be.

We'd know how he feels through his expressive eyes and his howls. He was a snack monster; He'd throw toys at our feet to "trade" for treats. He was our footwarmer and doorbell. He loved to observe and watch the world go by (and maybe judge a little bit). He "runs" and "whoops" in his sleep. He loved getting chin and belly rubs and would not hesitate to show you where he'd like to be petted and scratched.

Charlie taught us many life lessons... We learned to take our time. To slow down and watch the world go by. To be in the moment to process life.

He is very much loved by his family and words can't explain how greatly we'll miss him.

We love you so much, Charlie Thuds. Life won't be the same without you. We know that you're on the beach watching the waves go by and feeling the wind beneath your ears.

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