Panda Michaelian
Panda Michaelian
Panda Michaelian
Panda Michaelian
Panda Michaelian
Panda Michaelian

Obituary of Panda Michaelian

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Panda was one of my triplets. Magic, Panda and Violet were/are my triplets  my MVP's. She and her sister Magic just celebrated their 14th birthday in June. I so wish Violet was part of their celebration.  


Panda and I had a very special bond. From the first day we met she came right to me and sat in my lap. I thought there was something wrong with her because she wasn’t playing with the other puppies. I got up and encouraged her to play with Magic & Violet. Once I sat back down, she came right back over to me. She claimed me from the first day we met. We were inseparable from day one. We were always together.  


The bond just built from there. During covid we were allowed to work from home and thankfully I haven’t gone back. Since 2020 she has had me at home full-time. She sleeps right next to me all day in the recliner while I work. If she couldn’t see me with her one eye, she’d get up and look for me. If I had to get up to go to the bathroom or to get food, I had to be super quiet otherwise she’d wake up, look for me in my chair and if I wasn’t there, she’d go looking for me. If I was there, I’d reassure her by telling her “Mommy is here, I’m not going anywhere” and she would fall back to sleep.  


I used to go upstairs to brush my teeth and she’d be waiting the whole time for me. I just figured it would be easier for her to bring my toothbrush downstairs. That way she didn’t have to be away from me. When I took a shower, she’d wait with her body positioned facing the door so she could see the moment I would come out of the bathroom. Every morning when I fed the cats, she’d wait for me at the top of the stairs. I would always bring her a can of cat food to lick from downstairs.  


We were always together and when we were, she’d have to be on my lap. If I ever did have to leave the house without her, I would always say “see you later, Mommy will be back” because goodbye is forever. 


She loved treats and eating. She would take your hands off if you weren’t careful giving her a treat. I wanted to reward her so many times with so many treats, but she had to stay slim. It was a tough balancing act.  


She lost her left eye in a tragic accident in 2007. We both shared left eye issues. When she got older it was hard for her to see with just her one eye. We put tons of lights outside so she could see, put glow in the dark strips on each step along with grip material to keep her safe. Even with all that I just felt safer if she were carried in my arms. She got used to being carried. She knew how to sit for me to pick her up. I didn’t have to say a word. She just knew. 


She had so many nicknames. Mommy Bird, Mommy Myth, Mommy Miff, Miffy, Pandie, Pandie Bear, Bear, Daddy Bird (only if I wasn’t around could she be Daddy’s Bird) Baby Bear and Baby Beara. Despite all her names, she knew all of them. 


She was my loyal partner for 14 years. She was faithful to the last beat of her heart. I hope she feels I was worthy of her devotion. Life without her here by my side will never be the same. When she left so did I. I will never get that part of me back. I’m glad it went with her because we need each other. 


The day you passed a purple buttery fly fluttered around you while you were outside.  We know it was Violet saying to come to heaven. I hope you are in heaven with Marble and Fudge. I hope you reunited with Violet and Jewel. The rest of us will join you in heaven. Save a spot for us. This is not goodbye, it is see you later my beautiful, faithful girl. 

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