Frankie Coll
Frankie Coll
Frankie Coll
Frankie Coll
Frankie Coll
Frankie Coll

Obituary of Frankie Coll

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He never came when I called

But would instead raise his head tall 

Letting out a lazy drawl

Wondering why he had to speak at all 


He wasn't like most canine 

Running & jumping wasn’t how he wanted to spend his time 

He’d find a cool spot in which to recline 

Keeping watch until bedtime 


Though he was never bored 

Using his deep, dark eyes to explore

Perched above his world like a Lord 

By all the passing people he was adored 


His massive size was quite a sight 

His thunderous roar quite a fright 

You wouldn't want to know his bite

But his spirit shone so very bright 


You couldn't help but want him near

He had a way of scaring off your fears 

Making all your stress disappear 

His intentions were clearly sincere 


He had great empathy 

And many other human tendencies 

He offered himself as a remedy 

For he was a unique entity   


He had his moods 

He could go into a long brood 

His frustration could be negatively construed 

But I think it was his high intelligence that exuded 


He had a silly side as well 

His goofy smile cast a spell 

His nose knew cheese was his favorite smell

A good steak was his calling bell 


Some folks would find him too rough and tough 

To me he was perfectly enough 

I heard the love in all his huffs & puffs

I felt the hugs in his manner gruff 


There will never be another Lord

In my heart his memory is stored 

It time now for him to soar 

To the great woods where he can explore

It's time for his reward  

It's time for his soul to be fully restored 


The great wolf is silent tonight 

And only the moon howls 


Good-Night Frankie, We love you, see you on the other side <3 

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