Dash Stallings
Dash Stallings

Obituary of Dash Stallings

Dash was an amazing cat. Gentle, compassionate and full of love. With a heart and eyes bigger than anyone could imagine. He enjoyed the simpler things in life, the things most take for granted - peanut butter, ice cream, headbutts. More than anything, Dash enjoyed his people.  He lived for the attention and the love of his family.   Nothing brought him more joy than to sit on his Dads shoulders sharing in whatever meal was being eaten or collapsing in blissful submission to the cuddles of a toddler.  Dash passed away peacefully Sunday night, in the arms of those he loved most.   


Sigmund Freud once said “time spent with cats is never wasted”, the last 19 years proves this to be true. To most, Dash was just a cat.  To us, Dash was a best friend.  

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