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Roxy Raymond
Roxy Raymond
Roxy Raymond
Roxy Raymond
Roxy Raymond

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Roxy Anne Raymond

October 10, 2011 – March 15, 2024


Roxy Girl, Roxanne, The Baby, Daddy’s Girl, Little Foot, Little Peanut, and Little Mom-Mom are some of our favorite nicknames that we gave our Roxy girl. Roxy was a sweet, loving, and gentle soul that loved everyone she met. From the moment we saw Roxy we immediately fell in love with her adorable face, beautiful eyes, the cutest little eyelashes, her big floppy ears, and cute little nose. Roxy was the best early Christmas present that her mommy could have ever received. Roxy was the sweetest little love bug who would greet us all with lots of kisses, hugs and of course her wagging curly tail. Roxy came into our lives to share in the many memorable moments in mommy and daddy’s life. Roxy was a wonderful companion for our late dog Tug. Roxy absolutely loved Tug’s companionship and they would spend hours cuddling and snuggling by the woodstove or on the couch, zooming through the Aston house, taking long walks in the neighborhood in their matching attire, and happily taking car rides. Roxy and her daddy had an inseparable bond and she absolutely loved being daddy’s little girl. Roxy and her daddy had so many cherishable moments spent snuggling on the couch by the fire or napping in the sunshine in lounge chairs of our Aston backyard. Roxy was always there to help supervise when daddy was doing projects around the house or splitting wood in the backyard. Roxy loved it when her daddy would got a huge pile of wood and tree trunks delivered to the house. Roxy would spend hours happily climbing up the piles of wood and would stand on the tree trunks like a little daredevil. In the summer months Roxy loved spending her time playing happily in the yard or lounging in the sunshine. Roxy was always up for hanging out with mommy in the yard especially when she would lay in the sun. Roxy loved lounging on a chair next to mommy or happily playing in her pink pool. Roxy would splash around in the pool and would play happily for hours with her toys. Roxy absolutely loved spending time at the beach house in Cape May with her mommy and daddy. Roxy was always up for a walk on the beach to feel the cool air of the wind rolling off the waves. Roxy had so much fun laying in the sand and playing with her big brother Tug. Roxy enjoyed the beach as much as she enjoyed having daddy take her in mom-mom and pop-pops pool. Roxy would happily doggie paddle and splash around as daddy would hold her. Roxy enjoyed happily lounging on her pool float or lounging by the edge of pool to feel the warmth of the sun. Roxy enjoyed taking walks through Cape May to the mall and on the promenade where we would often stop and sit on the benches to watch for the horse and carriages to pass by. Roxy also enjoyed visiting the bay to watch the ferry and boats come in. Roxy was an amazing big sister to her younger brother Cado. Roxy immediately fell in love with her new little buddy Cado. Roxy loved watching over Cado as he slept and would make sure to keep him in line. On Cado’s first night home Roxy had so much fun showing Cado his new room and happily chasing him around. Roxy and Cado would spend hours playing with toys, playing tug of war, and their favorite activity was wrestling. Roxy loved taking care of Cado by making sure his ears were always clean and that he ate all his food and treats. Roxy enjoyed spending time in the backyard with Cado and would happily follow him around. Roxy was truly one of a kind and changed our lives for the better. Roxy was always making us laugh especially when she allowed mommy to dress her in lavish outfits and accessories. Everyone will truly miss Roxy especially her little brother Cado. Mommy and daddy’s hearts are completely broken that we will no longer be greeted by our happy little girl. Through the sadness we know that Roxy is now at peace and free from any pain. We know that Roxy is happily reunited with her best buddy Tug. Roxy will hold a special place in our hearts forever. Roxy will be deeply missed by her mommy (Sephanie), daddy (Charlie), and little brother Cado.

Pawprints in the Sand

Always a warm comfy reminder at the foot of my bed.

Sometimes you do silly things, and I’d just shake my head.

At the first light of dawn, a paw would fall upon my face

I’d rub your head and give you a warm embrace.

You’d bound out to the beach with me following close behind

We’d wander and wonder, never knowing what we’d find.

Every day you’ve been with me, a constant companion who was always there.

The end was near, and it just didn’t seem fair.

Eventually it was only me there in my bed with no one to lick my face or my hand

I miss the good times we spent together; I miss your pawprints in the sand.

~Author Unknown

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