Tramp Allen
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Obituary of Tramp Allen

Tramp was roughly 15 yrs old and found ten years on the streets of east LA. He went on to appear on the front page of the LA Times, a dog themed tv gameshow, starred as Toto in the Wizard of Oz and was his master's ever-present sidekick.  He is greatly missed 


Ode to Tramp
“Some years ago around this day a special pal he came my way. Into my dreams he did creep, pulling me from a deep dark sleep. He placed his paw upon my chest and vowed of friends that he is best. I awoke upon the last day of May feeling the pull of East LA. Over bridges I did trek just to find this little wreck. Black as pitch with a big fat tick. Something in my heart did click. I knew right then, there, on that date. That he would be my eternal best mate. Around my heart his paws did clamp. How I love thee little Tramp.”


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